Planning / Drawing

King Of Herts Construction can help, guide and assist with all building planning, regulations and drawings.

Building regulations are a legal requirement and must be met on every extension, alteration or development project. These include structural calculations for engineered solutions and thermal calculations for heat loss in heavily glazed structures.  All construction detail provided for your building team.
King of Herts Construction in Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire and London,  will help to ensure your build conforms to all these building regulations so that you are not left out of pocket by having your build declared illegal.


When your proposal does not fall under permitted development, a Planning Application is required. Different council’s have different Planning Policy by which they adhere to. Each application is taken on its own merits but due to our experience working with different local authorities, we will be able to advise you.    

Building Regulations

This is required for most building work or conversions. All works are carried out to a required standard and are to be approved by either the Council’s Building Inspector or by an approved independent inspector. 
This process is normally broken down into 2 stages:- 

Plan stage – detailed drawings are submitted to the local authority for approval. These drawings include sizes and types of materials used, insulation calculations, structural information etc. 

Inspection stage – when the drawings have been approved and building commences, the building inspector is requested to visit the site at certain stages of the build and check that work is being carried out as per the drawings.  


We enjoy working on a range of projects throughout the South East of England which include Residential, mixed use Commercial, Private and Public developments. 

 From our office in Hertfordshire, we have a vast range of experience at our disposal to assist all clients with the house extension process from Design and planning Procedure, Architectural Construction, Structural Designs and all major specialists concerned to achieve the requirement

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